Rooting foreign exchange market for many years.

Customers are in over 20 countries

SGL has always been committed to provide traders with the best trading environment. We devote in trading technology, provide traders with global-leading network structure and high-speed server to create efficient trade execution rates; We also provide you with the best market depth by connecting the world's top trading markets. Highly quality and efficient market quotations allows our customers to spread all over the world; The cayman hedge fund, established over the years, is more likely to protect your money.

Abundant liquidity

Deep cooperation with the world's top liquidity providers.

A) CFH topped the global trade liquidity awards of LP for 2014, 2015, (by the Finance Magnates selection), it can provide the deep and flexible liquidity for big trading volume, and also can adjust liquidity structure with banks at the same time;
B) LMAX is the liquidity provider of the exchange model, and the transaction rate of customer orders is as high as 99.99%;
C) CURRENEX is one of the most popular ECN platforms, providing seamless anonymous pricing pipelines from multiple liquidity providers and participants, and 100% automatic execution of orders;
D) SGL has a global-leading market depth, which can meet nearly 50 million contracts in a single order for major trading goods.

Stp-ecn trading mode.

Transparent transactions in the air

Spark Global Limited allows traders to enter the international market directly through the leading STP-ECN seamless bridge technology, and to match the orders. STP straight-through processing mode allows traders to enter the international banking system directly and automatically select the best purchase price among several liquidity suppliers. ECN electronic network system of all orders are regarded. Huge trading volume clenches a deal price guarantee automatic matching, completely put an end to the third party intervention, and fully guarantee the fairness of the trade order.

International highest specification server architecture.

International highest specification server architecture.

A) Spark Global Limited is one of the few MT5 target platforms in the world. We continue to improve our infrastructure and have our own professional financial servers on all five continents. Through our data center and MT server, the client's transaction execution instructions can reach the liquidity provider LP in only 20 milliseconds.

B) Spark Global Limited's excellent technical architecture enables investors to feel a stable system operation in the process of trading, and 99.99% trading orders can execute equivalent transactions at the actual price of the market.

Risk note:all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract product margin trades are accompanied by significant risk and therefore are not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest in your own tolerable range after fully understanding the risks. For more details on the risks, please refer to SGL's risk statement.