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Guidance Download

Investors of SGL or IB can download relevant User Guide from the following page to better understand functions of SGL platform. Please click the following button to choose your required guide based on your trading requirements.

Guide to the use of transactio
SGL Open a Demo Account
SGL Register an account
SGL Withdrawal Process
SGL Deposit Process
SGL NFA Regulation
SGL MT5 Android Operation
SGL MT5 iPhone Operation
SGL MT5 PC Operation
Common Index user guide

* The platform provided by SGL is all PDF format, which needs to be installed after the installation of the PDF reader. If your computer has not installed this program, click the following program button to download and install.

Download the PDF reader

Risk note:all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract product margin trades are accompanied by significant risk and therefore are not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest in your own tolerable range after fully understanding the risks. For more details on the risks, please refer to SGL's risk statement.