Spot gold

Gold is an important financial commodity and also a rare metal, which has very high economic value. During financial turmoil, gold is a high-coefficient option for investors to avoid risks. Spot gold in the foreign exchange market can be purchased or sold in the form of a dollar-to-dollar quoted price through margin without the need for physical delivery. Given the relationship between gold and the dollar, many investors will choose to buy gold to hedge against the dollar.

Why choose trade spot gold?

  • Worthiness for preservation and value-saving
  • Stable, safe, low risk, high return.
  • It can be as a hedging strategy.
  • Delivery in any time, easy to cash in

Trading data

SGL provides customers with a maximum of 200:1 leverage, a highly competitive spread, an optimal offer from international Banks, and a flexible contract size as well as multiple order and risk management or pending orders for gold trading.
Currency pair Minimum number of traders Maximum number of trades. The contract unit Entry orders' distance Pending orders’ distance Margin ratio
(depending on net value and balance)
transaction time (Beijing time) transaction time (MT4 time)
XAU/USD 0.01 20 100 2.4 0.5%~2% Monday to Friday: 07:00-05:59 Monday to Friday:01:00-24:00

Note: * American daylight-saving time, the Beijing trading time corresponds to 1 hour earlier.
Spark Global Limited reminds you to consider the risk of increasing leverage. Relatively small fluctuations in the market may be scaled up, which may have a greater impact on the amount of money you have deposited or will be deposited in. This may be detrimental to you and may be beneficial to you. You may lose all the original margin and deposit additional funds to cover.

Risk note:all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract product margin trades are accompanied by significant risk and therefore are not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest in your own tolerable range after fully understanding the risks. For more details on the risks, please refer to SGL's risk statement.