What’s the advantage of Android SGL MT5?

Log on to the SGL MT5 android terminal using the same account and password on your PC or Mac system.

  • full MT5 account features
  • three types of charts
  • 30 technical indicators
  • complete transaction history
  • watch the real-time interactive icon by zooming and moving
Android Download

Android SGL MT5

Step 1

  • open Google Play on your android system, or click here to download the software.App download。
  • enter Metatrader 5 in the Google Play search bar to find Metatrader 5.
  • click on the Metatrader 5 icon to install the software to your android system.

Step 2

  • now you will see the prompt to log in to your existing account/create a demo account.
  • when you click on any one, a new window appears.
  • enter spark in the search bar.
  • if you login to the demo account, click the spark -Demo icon; If you log into a Real account, select spark -Real.

Step 3

  • Enter your account and password
  • Start trading on your Android equipment

Risk note:all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract product margin trades are accompanied by significant risk and therefore are not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest in your own tolerable range after fully understanding the risks. For more details on the risks, please refer to SGL's risk statement.