White Label Program

SGL's state-of-the-art trading platform can provide various financial institutions with their own dedicated white label programs to meet their own specific needs and enjoy the advantages of international leading STP/ECN technology, interbank quotes, and automated order fulfillment. The Spark Global Limited white label program allows customers to create their own brand names and helps them to establish their brand influence in the foreign exchange market.

White Label Partners is your ideal choice for financial management. It can provide quality services to the following qualified individuals.

Banks, insurance companies, brokerage companies, and other financial institutions who are interested in investing in foreign exchange and wanting to quickly develop online trading services.

Brokers and trading companies who are interested in providing clients with more extensive financial products.。

Business institutions that provide education and analysis of foreign exchange or futures markets; and businesses that want to attract more customers to trade to expand their profits.

White mark advantage

  • It is expected to bring solid gains.
  • First-class exclusive platform.
  • Establish your brand influence in the financial industry.
  • Provide customers with more options to meet their diversified investment needs.
  • Master customer information independently to protect your customer base.
  • Set the transaction cost and spread on your own.
  • Provide customers with an advanced trading platform with your brand name and trademark.
  • Free access to technical updates and software upgrades.

Risk note:all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract product margin trades are accompanied by significant risk and therefore are not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest in your own tolerable range after fully understanding the risks. For more details on the risks, please refer to SGL's risk statement.